Whole House Remodeling: The Perfect House on the Perfect Location

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Whole House Remodeling

Sometimes a home has the exact location you want, but it does not suit how you live or your aesthetic. Such was the case for our clients. The golf course view in Hamilton Proper was just what they wanted. However, the home that sat on the property needed to be brought up to their standards and taste. We implemented a whole house remodeling project that did just that.

Kathy Hoskins of Hoskins Interior Design introduced us to the homeowners once they had determined the scope of the project. The goal was to refresh the kitchen, install all new exterior doors, and remodel the master bath, laundry room, and two baths upstairs. They also wanted to replace the floor coverings and paint. The house had good bones, but it had not been updated since it was built in the 1990s. It needed some “jewelry”, which we feel is Hoskins’ specialty. Click here to learn more about their idea behind the design. We enjoy working with Kathy Hoskins and her team since they are committed to the same level of communication and quality as we are. Once the design was finalized, we were tasked with the implementation.

Our clients were looking for big improvements. We achieved this by simply reconfiguring the existing space. Although the footprint of the home stayed the same, the renovation changed the entire look and feel of the home.

Kitchen Refresh

Kitchen Remodel

Small tweaks made huge impacts in the kitchen, the largest being the reconfiguration of the island. Kathy designed it to support their entertaining needs and desire for a central gathering place. Since the island was much bigger and a different shape, we pushed it into an adjacent great room. This new seating space meant an existing table could be eliminated, opening up the bay window to the full view of the golf course.

New glass cabinet doors were added to the existing cabinetry, as well as some architectural detailing to add a finished look. A new tile backsplash and countertop completed the periphery refresh. The new island allowed the homeowners to add additional appliances and a second sink. The end result was a clean, sophisticated look that suited their tastes and the way they live.

Master Bath Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

To achieve the goals for the remodeled master bath, we enlarged and opened the shower by stealing a bit of space from the tub area. The addition of a huge frameless glass door across the front added to the spacious look. The remaining space for the tub was perfect for an elegant free-standing unit. We created a half wall for the tub faucet and covered it with Carrera marble.

Shower Design

The bathroom floor was also covered with in marble, and tile lines the shower walls and flooring. We painted the existing cabinets and added new countertops, sink, faucet, mirror, and lighting.

Staircase Remodel

The entryway to the home was upgraded as well via paint, flooring and a staircase refresh. For the stairs, we kept the existing architectural details but added a new finish on handrail, balusters and exposed stair treads. The updated paint, stain and carpeting created an instant wow-factor. The gorgeous pattern of the stair runner required very detailed installation – if the carpet had been off by even an inch the pattern would have looked terrible! Our commitment to professionalism and perfection really paid off here. 

Laundry Room Refresh

Kathy created an impactful design for the laundry room with the same cabinets and configuration. We repainted the cabinets, added new countertops, plumbing and flooring. The end result is a space one would not really mind doing laundry in.

Some homeowners feel they need to build a new home to get what they want, but sometimes the perfect location means you have to deal with an existing space. In partnership with Hoskins Interior Design, we were able to bring this home up to our clients’ standards. It went from plain and ordinary to impactful and unique. Our team focus on design, quality materials and execution elevated the look and functionality, making it for our clients the perfect home on the perfect piece of property.

Are you thinking of purchasing an existing home because you love the location? Send us an email or give us a call at 317.596.0928. We can help you make that space your own.

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