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There are many types of home remodelers, but when I started my business 14 years ago, my goal was to provide a product and level of service above any other. With my desire to work with homeowners to give them exactly what they envision – or even what they have yet to envision – custom kitchens are an area we excel at. My clients come to me looking for something uniquely suited to them. I listen to what they want and need and am able to show them what is possible to achieve. Many times homeowners do not know the designs, materials, appliances, etc. that could fit what they want out of their home. Here is where my “dream bigger” tagline comes in. I give my clients a unique design that gives them everything they want with a solid process behind it. Along with my team, I create a space my clients will love for a long time, reflecting their personality (not ours). Perusing my online portfolio, one sees that no project looks the same, because no client is the same.

I know that to be successful at custom kitchen remodeling, I must listen to my clients well, be creative with my plans to achieve their goals, and stay on top of all the details throughout the process. Instead of immediately dismissing a challenge with a “that isn’t possible” mentality, I thrive on coming up with solutions. It is this creative problem solving that makes me get up every morning! After an initial meeting where we discuss goals and I get a sense of the space, I will develop a few sketches – Plan A, Plan B, etc. My clients then give me feedback on the plans, and we usually end up with a mix of all the possibilities to create the ultimate design.  Collaborating is essential and a part of the process that I enjoy.

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One of my custom kitchen remodels in Carmel, IN provides a good example of how my team and I do what it takes to give my clients what they envision. The homeowners had lived in their home for many years, and were looking to stay. Their children had left the nest, but they wanted to create a place where they and their eventual families would feel comfortable visiting. The kitchen was the focus, since they were envisioning large family gatherings in the space. They knew their remodel would outspend the home values within their neighborhood, but that was not their concern. Being able to enjoy their home for many more years was the goal.

kitchen remodeling

To give them the size they were looking for, we suggested they open up the back of their home and incorporate that new space into the kitchen. We came up with options that stayed within the existing footprint as well, but the design that truly gave them what they wanted meant expanding the initial space. We added a depth of 12 feet across the back of the house, expanding the kitchen and hearth room, and removing a screened porch that was not getting much use.

kitchen remodeling

Architectural detailing was central to the look my client was going for. Gary Nance, an Indianapolis conceptual designer known for his talent in this area, had met with the homeowner and come up with the initial look. Custom projects benefit from the expertise of a talented designer, and we work with many around Indianapolis. Gary suggested me to the homeowner, feeling we would be the right partner to implement his and our clients’ vision. The homeowner is an attorney and structural engineer, so was very knowledgeable and exacting. It was particularly enjoyable to work with him because he was clear and concise with what he wanted. That clarity also meant that my team of high-quality craftsman was perfect for the project.

One of the greatest challenges of the custom kitchen remodel was the island countertop. My client was intent on having no seams in the 14 ft piece of marble. Not only did we have to add structural elements to the floor to ensure the home could hold the weight of the stone, we had to locate a quarry that could deliver a slab that is way over the standard sizing. Fortunately, I work with Jesse Tremain, owner of Tremain Tile Marble and Granite, a well-respected Indianapolis supplier. He tracked down a place in Vermont that could provide what our clients wanted. It took a lot of research and phone calls to finally locate the perfect slab. I could have given my client a marble countertop for less, but he was intent upon no seams regardless of the price. Fortunately, our attitude is to work hard behind the scenes to make sure if something is possible we find the solution.

Just like Jesse, all of the partners I work with believe in the same process of giving the client what they want. I work directly with the owners of these businesses that have been around for 40-60 years and have a reputation for quality. We build upon each other’s knowledge, and my clients benefit from their expertise and craftsmanship. My partners get as excited as I do about the challenges that come with custom remodeling, because they also enjoy working on something unique.

So, while there are many remodelers here in Indianapolis, I specialize in the creative problem solving that makes custom projects successful. You give me your dream, and I do what is possible, regardless of the effort. These challenges are what I enjoy and my team and I excel at it. If you are planning a custom kitchen remodel, we’d be honored to help. Send us an email, or give us a call at 317.596.0928.

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