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Kitchen remodeling projects come with a lot of decisions and the possibility of long periods of inconvenience. Since homeowners may be in the house while the remodel is going on, how a contractor works can make or break the experience.  At Steve Gray Renovations, our kitchen remodeling process stems from years of working with exacting clients, talented interior designers and new technologies. It also reflects our commitment to solving any issues that arise (and it is normal for issues to arise) to our clients’ satisfaction.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Process

Phase 1

Our first meeting with our clients consists of a detailed discussion to uncover their goals. We ask questions like: “What do you like and dislike about your current kitchen layout? What kind of appliances do you wish to have? What are you missing? What functionalities do you want to have? How do you entertain?” All of this information gives us a clue into creating a kitchen that suits them. Understanding up-front the engineering needs of their appliance, layout and functionality desires also allows us to plan better. A big island for family gatherings and entertaining may mean expanding the kitchen’s footprint. Adding a pizza oven or indoor grill may mean upgraded ventilation. Bakers may need a separate prep area. Once we know what our client wants and needs, we can work with our team to create a design and build plan.

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Phase 2

Out next step is to introduce the homeowner to an interior designer. We offer a team approach at Steve Gray Renovations, working with experts from each industry to ensure the perfect outcome. Central to our team are interior designers. Their expertise is important not just for the look, style, form and function of the space, but also for efficiency within the construction process. Consulting with a designer saves money for our clients; mistakes are fewer, information is deeper and decisions are better. They are skilled at guiding clients through the selection process – which is hard! There are many decisions to make and having a knowledgeable partner to tap into improves the process. Also, an interior designer is a key member of the construction team, weighing in on construction needs and limitations as well as cost efficiencies.

Some clients arrive to us with a designer, but if they don’t, we have relationships with many local talents. We try to match our clients with someone that would work well with their personalities.

Phase 3

Phase three is about preparation and organization. We plan the logistics, ordering, and build schedule to get the project up and running smoothly. The goal is to create an efficient building process to minimize any interruptions. Completing all the leg work upfront helps move the project along without stoppages for design decisions or material/appliance delivery schedules. Kitchen remodeling comes with a lot of deadlines; the more we can plan for, the better for our client. Our team works through pricing the project to help solidify the design decisions. We then order the materials. These days, suppliers do not stock items the way they used to. Lead times have lengthened, increasing the need for planning upfront. Once we have our plan in place, we can begin the most exciting part – the build.

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Phase 4

Remodeling can be an emotional rollercoaster for homeowners, especially in the build phase. It’s hard to lose a kitchen for a while! Our commitment to working within the flow of the family who is most likely still living in the home makes the inconveniences more manageable. Constant communication between the team and clients is the key here. I am on-site site daily to ensure the work is being done as expected. We clean up after ourselves every day and our job sites are well organized instead of strewn all over the house, garage and yard. We set up the home so our clients can continue to live in it, and dust containment measures are installed and maintained throughout the project. We set expectations for every stage of the build process so our clients know exactly what is going to happen, how long things are going to take and any inconveniences they may have for a short time. Our open line of communication goes both ways, allowing our clients to give us feedback at any point in the process. Our detailed attention to the needs of the homeowners during this phase led one of our clients to comment:

“I could walk through this kitchen barefoot at any stage of demolition and construction and know I would not hurt my feet. When the crew is vacuuming my driveway after a day of cutting–that’s detail!”

– Greg, SGR Kitchen Remodeling Client
kitchen remodeling

Phase 5

Many remodelers refer to this final phase as the “final walk through”. We, however, do not find we need to lead our clients on a tour of their new space – they have been a part of the process throughout the whole project! Our constant communication leads to trust; our clients know that if they discover an issue even years down the line, we will be there. As the owner of the company, they see me at the first meeting, throughout the process and the last day. So, we can confidently leave when the project is complete. The fifth stage of the Steve Gray Renovations kitchen remodeling process is: the client enjoys their new space!

If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project, send us an email or give us a call at 317.596.0928. I’d be happy to tell you more about our process and our team.

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