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2020 has been a challenging year for our country and the world. As the year comes to a close, the Steve Gray Renovations Team is filled with gratitude for the love and health of our family and the patience and generosity of our clients. As people found themselves stuck at home for most of the year, they started reviewing what it means to have home be their central living space. Traveling to work, the gym or a place to escape everyday pressures was no longer an option, so they wanted to create a home that would serve those needs. Fortunately, many of those people reached out to us, making 2020 extremely busy and rewarding.

The pandemic also forced us to change the way we do business. Beyond the new safety measures to ensure everyone stayed healthy, we had to manage much longer lead times and material sell-outs. Constant client communication is part of our process, so we were always able to keep everyone in the know and on the same page. Flexibility has become a common theme this year, and our clients definitely embodied that idea.

We were fortunate to work on many cool projects this year: the main floor renovation, a whole house remodel, a master bedroom wing new build, a large outdoor living space, many offices, and exercise rooms, and we even turned a grain silo into an art studio. We will be highlighting these projects on our website next year so be sure to connect with us on Instagram or Facebook or sign up for our e-newsletter so you don’t miss a thing. We also have many projects on the list for 2021, with most of our clients focused on large, high-quality renovations that address the inefficiencies or annoyances they have been living with for years. We are grateful that former and new clients continue to trust us to create the home of their dreams.

Our son Max joined the business last December, so 2020 was his first time working in the industry. What a year to start! Deanna and I feel that his experience as an athlete prepared him for the challenges presented by the pandemic. Execution regardless of the situation is at the core of renovation – just like being a baseball pitcher. We must be able to think on our feet, be proactive, prepare for the unimaginable and problem solve on the fly, all for multiple projects at a time. He was able to do all of these things, proving himself to be a real asset to our team.

Here at Steve Gray Renovations, we feel that the pandemic has brought the importance of family to the forefront. People are investing in creating comfortable spaces for themselves and their loved ones, and are recommitting to that sense of connected family and community. It’s funny – Deanna and I have always been homebodies, so we started renovating our home around our daily comfort years ago. We find being a part of this process for our clients inspiring, helping them imagine and create the perfect space for them. How lucky are we?

The Steve Gray Renovations Team wishes you and your family happiness and health in these last few weeks of a difficult year, and well into 2021.

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