Remodeling Project Highlight: Creating a Modern Master Bathroom

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August 7, 2019
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November 4, 2019
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Most homes have a style. When our clients found this one, they loved the location, but not its traditional look. They preferred a modern style. Working with Designers Gary Nance and Anne Brooks, our team was able to create a stunning transformation. The focus of this blog is the master bathroom remodeling portion and how we can transform a style and home successfully.

The original bathroom was laid out in a typical mid-80s central Indiana home. The space lacked the modern elements and wow-factor. Creating a very modern design for the first-floor master bathroom required changing the entire footprint. Stealing space from an adjacent dining room gave us the room to create the perfect master bath for them.

The master bathroom was essentially divided into two spaces – one wet, and one dry. The design called for a curbless shower and soaking tub on one side, and the vanity, sink, makeup area and storage on the other. An inset linear drain ran along the entire side of the wet area and the floor was designed with a slight slope to ensure the water went where it was supposed to. The window casing above the tub area was manufactured out of concrete to avoid water deterioration. 

Curbless showers have a simple and effortless feel to them. However, they usually require the floor of the entire bathroom to be lowered to allow for the curbless aspect to function. For this project, we had to drop the subfloor 3” so when we built up the flooring for the shower, it would be level with the existing structural elements, like the walls. In addition, laminated beams were added to the crawl space to support the newly lowered floor joists.

The shower was also designed to be open, with only one glass wall to help separate the wet and dry space. Functionality was key here too; the glass was set 8” off the wall to allow our clients to reach in to turn on the water without getting wet and we measured for shampoo bottles etc. to ensure the shower niches were the correct size. We also had them visit the worksite to plan the height of the multiple shower heads and foot shelf, ensuring the entire design fit them perfectly.

Steve Gray Bathroom Remodel

A floating vanity constructed with Italian cabinetry took up one wall of the dry side of the master bathroom. It is made out of wood with a stone exterior finish and topped with an Italian marble countertop and a trough sink. The makeup area included a wall of cabinets and drawers designed to look like furniture, a lighted mirror and a seating area. The quartzite countertop was designed with a thick face, so we called on our partner Jesse Tremain of Tremain Tile, Marble & Granite. The substrate was constructed to create the width and then Jesse added the many layers of tile and beveling that was needed to create the unique look.

Finally, the master closet located off the bathroom was filled with a mixture of Italian cabinetry and pieces we crafted to address their specific storage needs. We mimicked the Italian cabinets to ensure the space had a cohesive look. We created drawers under the window, and floor to ceiling closet units across from them. The closet doors are retractable, with each set opening opposite of each other to create two separate spaces. We also added extra storage at the top. At the other end of the closet we crafted a shoe and purse area, along with a dressing mirror that doubles as an ironing board.

The master bath is just one space in this home that underwent a complete transformation from traditional to modern.  Check out the entire project on our website

If you can dream it, we can make it happen. If you are considering a remodeling project, send us an email or give us a call at 317.596.0928.

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