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Your house is much more than the rooms you live in; it’s also the tone set by the style of the exterior. My client had invested quite a bit in the interior design as well as the front of his Geist home. However, the back still had the typical 80’s look. As the owner of lakefront property, he wanted to make sure the back of the home looked as well-designed and cared for as the front. The original house consisted of two huge decks with little visual interest. Our client hired Gary Nance of Gary Nance Design to add “lake-appeal”, continuing the architectural elements from the front of the home. Stone, highly-designed railings, a copula and additional outdoor living space were all part of his design for this exterior remodeling project.

The biggest challenge in this project was the location. The home spanned most of the lot, leaving only small, stone walkways from the front of the home. The tight squeeze along with the slope to the lake made for tricky access. Implementing Gary’s design called for not only engineering considerations, but also logistical.

Three Season Porch Design

The final design kept the two existing porches in a reconfigured format. A 3-season porch was added on the left-hand side of the top deck off the kitchen, which required bumping out that portion to allow for adequate entertaining space. The extension had to be mimicked for the lower deck as well. A copula sits in the middle of the porch roof; we kept the ceiling open so people could see through to the sky. It lights up at night, adding to the evening “lake-appeal” of the home. We also added heating, electrical, and porcelain tile flooring to the porch.

Custom Stone Columns

A main architectural feature of the design was the addition of stone columns. The idea was to continue the stone from the front of the home and add more visual impact from the lake. The columns have a unique feature – the downspouts are hidden within the columns. We built the columns out of premium material, attached the downspouts, placed plywood over them and then installed the stone. This purely aesthetic choice adds a clean, custom look to the home and lets the stone element shine.

Exterior Architectural Detailing

Adding visual interest to the back of this lake house included wood railings that could be seen from the lake. Gary did a great job creating a design that mixed different lines and shapes. Our team custom-built each piece according to his specifications, including the latticework that covered up the foundation. The combination of the railings with the stone columns and copula completely transformed the look of the home.

Accessibility and Functionality

The final portion of this exterior remodeling project was building a beautiful yet functional stairway to the lake. My client’s mother was not able to walk down the full flight of stairs, so he had a chair system installed from the house to the lake. We built new wood stairs that blended in with the landscape and added a railing that incorporated the chair system. We even created a lovely landing space for her. From there we continued a few steps down to the dock, which we remodeled to include more walking space and maintenance-free materials.

Each project we build is unique to the home and our client. Our expertise is in making anything our clients want for their living space possible. Good troubleshooting, structural engineering know-how, and a talented team of designers and craftspeople ensured I could implement my client’s vision. He was not in the market for a simple paint job; he wanted a custom look that reflected his lifestyle. I feel he came to the right place.

If you are looking to create something special for your home, the Steve Gray Renovations Team can do that for you. Just send me an email or give me a call at (317) 596-0928.

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