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February 25, 2018
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May 6, 2015

Now We’re Cookin’

After living in the home for 20 years the couple decided it was time to renovate the kitchen. It was dark with outdated appliances and random storage. Work flow was a problem. The eating area was tucked into a corner with the pantry cabinet’s area nearby. The cooking area was on the other side of the kitchen, which was split by stairs to the backdoor.

Greg says, “Before we started this project, the storage was on one side and the appliances on the other. It was a constant walk back and forth to make something. It could take six walks to get something made.”

They had ideas for the kitchen–even an architectural drawing. They just needed help realizing their vision with the right partners, who could work within their budget.

Enter Steve Gray Renovations. The new kitchen design literally flips the workflow and solves the problems noted above, including adding a lot of counter/work space.

Now we're Cookin'
The clients enjoy coffee, so an eight-foot coffee bar was added.

Now we're Cookin'
A large kitchen island features a cook top with pullout cabinets that hold spices and cooking oils. Outlets for small appliances are available on the island corners.

Now we're Cookin'
White walls and more windows open up the space for an airy and comfortable atmosphere.

Now we're Cookin'
The renovation allowed for outdated wiring and mechanical elements within the walls to be updated to current standards.

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