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Mid-Century Modern Gem

Arts and Crafts Whole House Remodel
April 17, 2019
Classy Conversion
February 25, 2018

I love working on old homes, especially those with a specific design. This mid-century modern remodeling project was close to home; in fact it is my home! My wife Deanna and I took our time take on the whole house remodel, making sure we knew exactly what we wanted before moving forward.

The original kitchen space was a small galley style, and we wanted to open it up into the rest of the living area. We also wanted to modernize it to today’s technology while honoring the style of the home. Maintaining the cozy feel of the original design while opening up the space was an important goal of ours. We wanted our kids to still feel like it was the place they grew up in.

I drew up the final floor plan and our team executed it. Today, we are still making changes to make the home suit us. Check out the before, during and after photos of our own mid-century modern remodeling project.

The Plan
The kitchen remodel was a major undertaking. The original floor plan was a bunch of doors – small rooms everywhere – with five kinds of flooring. We wanted to open up the first floor and connect it, which means we had to rip out all those different floors and put in just one. Moving walls and committing to a huge amount of flooring square footage allowed us to put the place the kitchen in the center of the home.

Photos of the construction process

Mid Century Modern Home
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