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First Floor Remodel

Backyard Renovation
July 16, 2019
Kitchen Remodel
Whole House Remodeling Project
June 7, 2019
Many houses built prior to the 2000s do not have the open concept design that we crave these days. Such was the case for our long-time client. I have worked with them over 10 years on upgrading their Carmel, IN home to suit their needs, each project getting more and more complex. The Steve Gray Renovation Team’s latest work involved a whole first floor remodel, which required removing a fireplace in the middle of the space to provide the open look my clients desired.

The Plan

The original floor plan made the first floor feel cramped and choppy. A two-sided fireplace sat between the kitchen and family room, making both spaces too small for our clients’ needs. Opening up the space would require remodeling the whole first floor to ensure the home looked cohesive.

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