The Steve Gray Difference

We know that sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. We ask the right questions so we’re sure we understand your needs, goals, and desires and can translate them into a renovation that fits your personality and lifestyle.

The result: honesty, integrity, quality, and craftsmanship. Every project. Every time.

Steve Gray


The best part of my day is working with clients. I enjoy working on site and running projects, and I love the challenges that come with home renovations. My goal is to make anything we build look like it’s been there forever – but work like it’s future-proofed. I never shy away from getting my hands dirty, and you’ll often find me up to my hips in an excavation or my head poked into some custom cabinetry, laughing with a contractor or explaining to a homeowner how something works. I embrace any challenge and look forward to each project.

At the end of the day, though, nothing is more important than my family. My wife Deanna and I oversee the day-to-day operations of SGR, but we’re most proud of being parents of two adventurous and talented young adults – one of whom recently joined the business, which is an adventure of its own!

“If I were to name Steve’s superpowers, they would be communication and honesty. He’s the first one in and the last one out on every project.” – Deanna

Deanna Gray

Director of Operations

I started my career in the travel industry, working for a tour operator where I was responsible for arranging accommodations, transportation, and entertainment for major sporting events. From there I entered the medical billing world. So when Steve and I began discussing launching our company, it seemed logical that I handle the office side of things. Who better to look after our business than someone who knew how to juggle the complexities of a lot of moving parts?

Family businesses don’t always run smoothly, but Steve and I love working together. We share the same work ethic and commitment to quality, and we enjoy working toward a common goal: bringing new life and beauty to our clients’ homes.

Our company is truly part of our family. Our kids have grown up watching how we work as a team, not only with each other but also with our partners. I believe we’ve demonstrated to our kids what integrity in action looks like.

“Deanna’s main superpower is herding the cats. Coordinating all of our contractors requires a ridiculous attention to detail and communication.” – Max

Max Gray

Project Specialist

I grew up in Indianapolis, where I played baseball, including a five-year, post-high school stint on a college team. Sports gave me the opportunity to travel and experience places and people I might otherwise never have seen, but the more I traveled, the more I realized Indy was home for me. So when Steve offered me a place in the family business, I was excited to move back to familiar ground and work alongside my parents.

Sports not only taught me the value of being a strong team member, but its competitive nature helped me realize that the only way to stay in the game was to have a clear plan, laser focus, attention to detail, and solid communication skills. These values were embedded in me by my parents while I was growing up, and many of my college coaches preached similar philosophies – which opened my eyes to how closely business principles and sports relate to each other, even though they seem so different on the surface.

“Max is a quick thinker and an insightful problem-solver. I’d say he’s a Master of Execution.” – Steve

SGR TestimonialIt is always a pleasure working on a Steve Gray project. Their construction process is very organized and professionally supervised. They only work with quality subcontractors that understand the attention to detail that Steve requires for all of his projects. – RST Custom Woodworking

Our Partners

We’re privileged to work with some of the finest designers, craftspeople, and construction companies in the business. We have a great reputation because we partner with longstanding, Indiana vendors whose values align with ours. From award-winning conceptual and interior designers to skillful electricians and plumbers to talented metalsmiths and masons – and beyond – we select and collaborate with the right people for every client’s needs.

All you have to do is walk onto one of our job sites, and you’ll see: Everyone from the most skilled tradespeople to the person sweeping up the work area takes pride in what they do. They’re the reason we can offer a wide variety of remodeling styles with confidence.

To learn more about what we do, check out our Renovation Projects.