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When I started Steve Gray Renovations, it was important to me to run my company on honesty, integrity, quality and craftsmanship. They are the values I stand on and my team and I demonstrate our commitment to them every day. We go above and beyond the typical home renovation company. Good communication, proven expertise, a can-do attitude and standing behind our work are the reasons why we have long-standing relationships with our clients.

Good Communication

It’s expected to receive daily updates on your active project from your contractor. But do you also get clear information on the challenges? I am thrilled to share good news with my clients, but I am not afraid to deliver the bad news too if needed. I do not avoid or cover up problems. The rapport I create with my clients based on mutual respect means we are able to work through issues together. And, with the company owner (me), onsite daily, my clients trust that I am aware of the details of their project.

I had clients who asked me to take over a renovation from another contractor. It was a large project; the house had been framed and the mechanicals installed; it was time for drywall. My clients could tell the previous work was not up to par, hence the change mid-project. After my team reviewed all of the previous completed work, it was noted that from a cost stand point and the amount of work needed to make to needed repairs to be able to move forward, we were going to have to remove all of the mechanicals and just start over. We found multiple structural issues that needed addressed and so many repairs and rework that I knew it would impossible to warranty what the previous contractor had done. I had to tell my clients that it would be less expensive toremove all the HVAC, plumbing and slectrical mechanicals and start over. There was very little communication with the previous company and frankly the clients didn’t know what they were getting in the home. It was not an easy conversation, but my clients agreed. The end result was a home built on safety and quality, which is what they wanted in the first place.


A deep knowledge of building is something most people look for in a home renovation company. However, Steve Gray Renovations goes above and beyond just construction know-how, offering clients a holistic approach to their project. I have gathered a team of experts, from tile and stone fabricators, to engineers and interior designers. We all work together to offer the best information to my clients, allowing them to make best decisions for their project.


We were remodeling a Downtown Indianapolis condo whose original floorplan included a staircase that prohibited the flow my clients were looking for. My team came up with the idea of moving the staircase to a completely new side of the home, opening up the space to multiple floorplan options. Moving a staircase is a big deal, and many contractors would have shied away from the project. My clients were thrilled that the idea proposed – it allowed them to have a home that truly suited their needs.

We Can’t do That

…is something we never say at Steve Gray Renovations. We can do anything! It may be hard or not cost-effective, but if my client wants it, I will get it done. My team consists of problem solvers and creative thinkers who love to attack a challenge. Easy projects rarely come my way since there are plenty of people who can make those happen. My clients are people who want something different and complex, and my team is skilled at making sure challenges are overcome.

Kitchen After Remodel

One of my favorite examples of this commitment to giving my clients what they want involves a kitchen remodel. The design called for an oversized island and the husband was adamant that there be no seams in the marble countertop. My team did a ton of research to locate a company in Vermont who could mine a large piece of marble from underground and then found a fabricator in New jersey who could finish the piece. We then had it trucked to Carmel and my team installed it. The easy way out would have been to insist on a seam, but my team was willing to do the work to give my client exactly what he wanted.

Standing Behind Our Work

In my eyes, renovation projects are never complete. It is important to me that we maintain the work we do – my team takes a lot of pride in their work and we really don’t want anyone else’s hands on it! Part of the long-term relationships I have with my clients is helping them maintain their homes. For example, I go back every year to a large pool house project to winterize and then set up for summer. While I am there, I make a list of items that may need addressed, review with my clients and then get them done. My clients see this service as an important part of protecting their investment. I have one client who wants only me to clean the very expensive pendant globes over her kitchen island. Each year I take them apart, clean them and put them back together for her and I am happy to do it. I want to be there to ensure our work lasts a long time.

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When you hire a home renovation company, you are buying into a relationship, so it makes sense to partner with someone who supports your goals. The Steve Gray Renovations Team is committed to tailoring to our clients’ needs and standing by our work. We are here until you sell the home and have been known to work with the next set of owners too. If you are considering a home remodeling project, learn more about how we can help. Send me an email or give me a call at 317.596.0928.

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