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While most of the interior design shows and social media focus on the big wows of interior rooms, we feel the amazing exterior transformation on this project is worth bringing attention to.  You can make dramatic changes to your home through exterior remodeling. Our clients purchased their home sitting on about 3 ½ acres of gorgeous land in Zionsville, with the plan of living in the existing Sears home from the 1950s, with about 1800 square feet and a small basement, for a while.  They knew the location and land were perfect for their dream home. When they were ready, they reached out to us and along with Gary Nance, we redesigned their home.

The design plan was developed between our client, Gary and I, with the goal of creating a larger, modern, minimalistic-styled home. The property was central to the design as well, with the goals of keeping as many of the mature trees as possible and highlighting views. We planned to use the existing foundation and first-floor subfloor, so we had a draftsman draw out the existing home so we had the original footprint to design from. The renovation was crafted to capture the outdoors and bring it in. We’ll tell you more about the interior another time. For now, we’ll focus on the exterior remodeling portion of the project.

Some key features directed the overall design: 1) our clients wanted an attached garage 2) the minimalist design was to be featured through straight lines and material choices, and 3) there had to be a seamless connection between the existing foundation and the new structure. From the street, the home was designed to be wide, with one level on the left side that included the main living area and kid/guest rooms and a second story on the right above the garage with the master bedroom area. A fireplace serves as a divider between the kids’ room and the living area, and a split-level design was created for the garage/bedroom area.

Bringing all three area together into a cohesive yet modern look was achieved through materials with minimal contrast that complemented the property. Texture drove the design rather than color. We used brick, limestone, drivet and cedar all within a neutral color palette to create the modern aesthetic. It’s pretty unusual to have this many finishes on the exterior of a home. Also, you do not see a roofline or gutters; we built the flat roof to slope so water drains to the back where the gutters are, adding to the clean look. There is only one gutter on the front of the home, above the entryway since it is lower than the roof, but it is tucked away.

To take advantage of the view, we installed floor to ceiling windows with minimal frames, which added another texture to the home. Even the front door has more glass than wood.

The home sits far back on the property, so our clients had a lovely view from the front of their house. So, we added an entryway with a patio to that side, with large sliding doors to allow the outside in. The exterior wall was continued into the home for a truly seamless look.

The back of the home included a lot of windows to highlight the view, as well as a patio off the dining area and great room.
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The house is set on rolling terrain, so it made sense to dig down into the right side of the existing home to build the garage. The design also added varying height to the otherwise one-level design, making it feel more organic and balanced. We essentially tucked the garage out of the main site line, allowing the rest of the home to serve as the focal point. No “welcome to my garage” design here!

As a contractor, combining many exterior materials into a cohesive look can be challenging. However, because my team has a lot of exterior remodeling experience, the installation was not a problem. We did our due diligence beforehand to ensure correct application. We always anticipate surprises that can disrupt the construction process. Before we broke ground we made sure everyone was on the same page, understood the special needs of each material, and were prepared. Unexpected problems lead to cost overruns and waste, both of which are unacceptable to us.

We are not daunted by different designs, materials, layouts, applications, or execution; frankly the more challenging the work, the more exciting it is for us! Complex projects are what we do best and what we like to do. Throw us the challenges – we’re ready. If you are considering an exterior remodeling project, send me an email or give me a call at 317.596.0928.

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