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December 11, 2020
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After completing a first-floor remodel with us a few years ago, our clients reached out again to update their second-floor. One aspect of the remodel was a master bathroom design that both modernized the layout and added unique custom elements.


Our client’s original master bath was typical of homes built in the 90s, consisting of a large open space with a huge garden tub they did not use. We partnered with Hoskins Interior Design to take the bathroom and closet space down to the studs and reconfigure a new footprint. We also lowered the ceilings to create a more modern and intimate feel.


The new design called for removing an existing window to allow for a large walk-in shower fully equipped with multiple showerheads and floor-to-ceiling tile. We also added heated marble floors to the whole space.


One main feature of the new design was a custom-built vanity. The lower cabinetry included drawers and closed-door shelving. Undermount sinks were installed in the Radianz Diamond White quartz countertops. The polished nickel hardware finish brought a bit of bling to the space. Open shelving was added to the wall space above the vanity, specifically designed for the things our clients wanted to store there. We continued the painted wood from the cabinetry up the entire wall and created a nook-like feel around the lighting. This added feature, along with the crown and trim moldings and cabinet legs makes the vanity look like a piece of furniture.


One challenge we faced in this project was installing the inset medicine cabinet with the sliding panel door. It is such a cool design, but it required a lot of planning, especially to ensure that the door cleared the light switch when opened. The opposite side of the vanity looks the same but is not a sliding panel.

The details that make the vanity so beautiful are also what made this project so fun. The exacting work that goes into adding the decorative wood elements at the top and bottom of both mirrors, as well as ensuring the wall sconces will be level across the whole piece once the mirror is installed, is what we love about what we do.


The design also called for an alcove between the bathroom and the master bedroom that would house built-in storage. It was created to look like a piece of furniture, stained and finished to highlight the wood grain. We added decorative lighting as well, which creates a gorgeous ambiance in the evenings.

Are you looking to create a whole new look for your master bath? Reach out to us. Send us an email or give us a call at 317.596.0928.

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