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As our new year resolutions to work out more and take care of ourselves are in full swing, it may be that you are considering building a home gym. The convenience of being able to exercise at home rather than driving to an outside facility is a big reason why many of our clients have had us create their own space to workout. We bring in a team of experts to help craft a custom design for how our clients want to use the room. Below are some items you will want to tackle if you are considering building a home gym:

1)  Type of Equipment and Workouts

What you plan to do in the space will directly affect how it is designed. The size of the room, the placement of electrical, plumbing, mechanicals and bracing will all be determined by the equipment and activities you plan to have in there. The goal is to ensure you are comfortable and safe. Often our clients work with a professional trainer who becomes a part of our team of experts; they can advise on the type of equipment and the amount of space needed for each activity. The salespeople from the equipment companies bring the knowledge about what they sell, ensuring we have the correct hookups and support to keep the machines working properly. There is a flow to a well-designed home gym, and by bringing in the experts, we are able to create a space that works for our clients.

2) Behind the Walls

A large part of the comfort of an exercise room is the things you do not see. An a/v system that ties nicely into your home system and has enough wi-fi to function properly, adequate ventilation so your space does not smell like a locker room and lighting that supports the tone for the space while ensuring safety are just some of the aspects of design that must be planned before construction. At Steve Gray Renovations, our goal is to anticipate all of our clients’ needs upfront and even allow an easy change in the future. For example, we do not want to have to rip down a mirror and open up walls after the fact if they decide to put up a barre in a few years. The blocking should already be in the walls, making installation much more straight forward.

3) On the Floors

There are many good reasons to install commercial flooring certified for a gym. Professional exercise equipment tends to be designed to function its best on it, since it is crafted to handle the weight and movement of the machines. The material is anti-microbial and slip-resistant. Installing do-it-yourself wood, carpet or linoleum will not provide the special needs of a workout space.  We have a lot of experience with the installation specifics these materials require, making the choice to go with the preferred flooring even easier for our clients.

4) Amenities

Beyond the equipment and mats, you will want to consider the other amenities you would like in your home gym. Half-bath or full steam shower? Wet bar area with a drinks fridge or a small kitchen? Steam room or sauna – or both? We have installed nice display areas for towels and storage units designed for specific equipment, and even had custom artwork created for an entire wall. Making a space that you enjoy being in will only encourage you to go there!

There is not a “correct design” for a home gym; each should reflect the needs of the people who will be using it. Whether you are into running, yoga, stretching, spin, weightlifting or just sitting in the sauna, we can create an exercise space design specifically for you. Everyone has a different idea of what they need to help them be happy and healthy – we have the experience of building a home gym to help you achieve it. Send me an email or give me a call at (317) 596-0928 for more information.

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