Steve Gray - President

Steve Gray’s philosophy is to bring professionalism to the remodeling industry through honesty, integrity, quality and craftsmanship. He has more than 30 years of experience working in the remodeling industry.

At age seven, his parents found him installing a light fixture in the ceiling of the family’s laundry room. That experience shed light not only on the laundry, but also on Steve’s desire to improve an existing space. As a teenager, he worked for a custom home builder as a “go getter” (he’d go get this and that for the boss).

Steve Gray Embraces Any Challenge

He started his professional career his late teens and into his 20s. He would later become the co-owner of a building company before accepting a position as a project manager at a mid-sized construction and renovation company in Indianapolis.

Steve believed the building and remodeling industry needed an atmosphere of professionalism, so he started Steve Gray Renovations in 2005. SGR quickly became one of the fastest growing, high-end remodeling companies in central Indiana, making him a go-to source for Indianapolis media and industry journalists. His insight has been published on, and in Money magazine.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Steve continues to reside in the city with his wife and two children. His most recent renovation work can always be found on his Web site or on his Facebook page (friend him!)

Cool stuff in my dream file:

I find so many cool products and am always imagining how to incorporate them into my home and my clients’ homes.

What I love about my job:

I love my job! I love meeting with potential clients, discussing their dream, creating their dream, and seeing them enjoy it. Homes that may seem to be unfixable are the best; I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I embrace any challenge and look forward to each project. I also enjoy being surrounded by the best sub-contractors that Indianapolis has to offer.

Dream renovation:

To have a project where complete control is given to Gary Nance and my team; an unlimited budget would allow unlimited opportunities! I would love to take on a project like this. Call me!

For my own home: I’d like to make it the coolest and most functional home ever renovated in this era. My challenge? This Frank Lloyd Wright style home embraces simplicity and I tend to want to try to incorporate all the new cool ideas that we do for other clients. I have to remind myself to keep it simple! Fun fact: Steve’s home was actually the 1959 show home for the city of Indianapolis.

Favorite TV show or movie:

TV show: Seinfeld,  the perfect TV show for someone that can’t sit still.  Its ½ hour long, fast paced, and always good for a laugh.
Movies: I have been banned from seeing them; my snoring disrupts others.

Favorite food:

Steak, served after St. Elmo’s Shrimp cocktail, of course.


Deanna Gray - Director of Operations

Cool stuff in my dream file:

It is stuffed with stuff!  If I like it, I keep record of it. I have photos of retro towel warmers, new kitchen layouts, and different types of bathtubs. My favorite items in my dream file are printouts of Inke Heiland’s line of silhouettes cut out of vintage wallpaper.  No clue where I could ever use them, but ya never know.

What I love about my job:

I love being surrounded by people that can make things happen. To see things transform from ideas, to sketches, to plans, to reality is something that still makes me say “wow.”  I am not a creative person, and I really, REALLY enjoy seeing how SGR brings the projects to life.

Dream renovation:

My courtyard, my kitchen/dining area, my bathroom, my bedroom…the side effect of working in this business is that great ideas for your home cross your desk on a regular basis.

Favorite movie:

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind. No matter how many times I watch it, I hope for a different ending.

Favorite food: