Our Process
The Steve Gray Renovations process is a bit different than other companies you may have worked with in the past. We plan our work and then work our plan. Our clients dream and save for their home renovation project.

That’s why we take time to plan upfront with them. By gathering all of the details before we start, it allows us to give customers a set price for their project No surprises and no guesswork.


Our Process Step 1
Make a list of questions to ask to help you decide if our company is the best fit for your home remodeling project. During the interview, we will discuss your project. We do not need a complete how-to list—just the basic facts.

If you, the client, and Steve Gray Renovations decide we are a good match, we take all of the information from our meetings to come up with a project scope and initial budget. If you feel we are a good fit, at that point, we move to Step 2.

Our Process Step 2
Now that you are comfortable with the scope and initial budget, we move into the design of the project (depending on the scope and size of the project, a design fee may be appropriate). It is helpful to have a folder (we call it a dream file) loaded with your home renovation ideas—pictures, magazine clippings, print-outs from the Internet. If help is needed in gathering ideas or interior design, just ask. We work with some of the best designers in central Indiana!

We incorporate your ideas and our expertise to come up with a plan for your new project. We do not put a timeline on this phase. We meet as many times as needed. We want the project to reflect your dream. The result is a detailed design and complete set of construction plans.

Our Process Step 3
This is what makes us different. Before the renovation starts, we work with our quality craftsmen, suppliers and vendors to make selections and secure pricing for all materials needed for your project.

We also meet with the craftsmen at your home, review the plans, get their input and to discuss any potential challenges with the project. Any challenges that are discovered are addressed in the project specifications and covered in final pricing before we start the renovation.

While we meet with these professionals, you shop to make your selections—cabinets, appliances, flooring…whatever it is your renovation needs. Sound overwhelming? We have partnerships with designers who can help.

Our Process Step 4
No one, including our clients, likes surprises. With construction plans and selections made, our team reviews everything and presents a detailed set of project specifications, which include a set price, preliminary timeline, and details about how we will begin construction. This is our how-to guide for your home renovation.By taking a few extra steps before the project starts, we keep construction delays to a minimum.

Our Process Step 5
Once the construction contract is reviewed and signed we start at the agreed-upon time. We have detailed construction drawings and a detailed set of project specifications. All decisions and selections are made. We have a set price and a timeline. We are ready to renovate!